Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Planning on bottle feeding your child? Don’t want to constantly measure dry baby formula and water? The Baby Brezza Formula Pro is exactly what you need. I was initially very skeptical about this product when my wife suggested we purchase it, as most baby products are just useless and marketed to first time parents (like ourselves) who have no idea what they are doing or what they need. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro did not end up being one of those useless products, it became our savior during those late night feedings when you cannot trust yourself to accurately measure formula. It’s basically the Keureg of baby formula without those proprietary k-cups.

Our first purchase of the Formula Pro needed to be returned because of an issue with the water reservoir not heating the water at all, but the replacement functioned perfectly right out of the box. The Formula Pro consists of three main components, the water reservoir, the dry formula reservoir, and the base, which does the dispensing. The initial setup of the product is a little more involved than one would want, but it’s all for good reason. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro dry formula reservoir needs to be configured to dispense the exact amount of formula for the amount of liquid you will be dispensing, for that Baby Brezza provides a handy chart with almost all of the dry formula sold in the USA and the settings that need to be configured on the paddles that push the dry formula into the dispenser. It’s worth noting that we have been using an obscure formula made from goat milk for our son to reduce the chances of him getting colic once the breast milk ran out, it took a little bit of time to google, but we were able to find the correct settings for the machine by downloading the UK version of the Formula Pro Manual (as our formula was only sold in the UK).  After configuring the dry formula dispenser the rest of the setup is pretty straight forward.

Once the Formula Pro is setup, the device will heat the water to around body temperature so that you can dispense perfect temperature formula every time. You have the option of dispensing 2,4,6, or 8 ounces of formula at any one time. We noticed that sometimes it would appear as if there was more formula than expected (example: poured out 4.5 ounces instead of the 4 that we requested), but this is most likely due to the displacement of the water by the dry formula. Cleaning the device is pretty straight forward and needs to be done as often as possible to avoid mold issues that other users have reported, but we have not seen such issues.

The Formula Pro is an indispensable tool in any new parents arsenal, it saved us valuable minutes of sleep and it’s convenience is unmatched.





Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Baby Brezza Formula Pro





Build quality







  • Easy to Use
  • Saves Time
  • Convenient


  • Initial Setup a little Difficult
  • No Water Temperature Adjustment
  • A little on the Pricey Side
  • Quality Control Issues
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