Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

Roadie Auto TunerRoadie Auto Tuner

The Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner… a device that should be filed under the “Why didn’t I think of that!?™” file. The idea began life as a Kickstarter project, and has evolved into a full fledged product, and is the perfect gift for the guitarist in your life.

The idea is simple – place the device over your guitar’s pegs, activate the app, strum the strings, and the Roadie listens and automatically turns the peg until you have a perfectly tuned instrument. Tuning an electric guitar in a noisy enviroment? No problem. Use the included adapter to plug your guitar into your phone, and the app controls Roadie to complete the process. The makers of Roadie claim it is three times more accurate than the average human ear, thus you get accurate, crisp tuning every time. It even comes with pre-programmed alternate and open tunings, or you can create your own. The app works with both iOS and Android and connects using Bluetooth. The Roadie can tune all sorts of guitar-like string instruments, including ukeleles, banjos, etc.

There are a few shortcomings, however. Unfortunately, it will not tune bass guitars or any instrument with wooden pegs. Additionally, a smartphone is required to operate the device; it will not function on its own. As of this writing, it is $99, which makes it more expensive than many tuners, but none with this level of convenience.

Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner





Build quality





  • Quick tuning
  • Accuracy
  • Custom tuning
  • Sturdy
  • Includes adapter for electric guitars


  • Incompatible with bass guitars, wooden pegs
  • More expensive than most tuners
  • Requires smartphone to work
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